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Life Insurance

We can now offer you insurance that provides lump sums for your children's educational benefits and can adapt to your changing circumstances, up or down! We have many options available including the ability to claim during your lifetime, making your Life Insurance a savings plan too!
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Global Travel Insurance

Planning a buying trip abroad, or need to update your current holiday travel insurance? We can provide cover for both short term business/social trips as well as comprehensive annual travel policies for the frequent flyers. Our cover can be tailored to cater for adventure tourism, budget holidays, prestige getaways, group arrangements and even single day trips. We have a variety of plans available from basic single trip cover to much higher personal accident benefits. Our Annual Travel policies ensure that you don't need to inform us everytime you leave and cover you for accidents, loss of baggage, trip curtailment and much, much more. Contact us to discuss your options

Health & Accident Insurance

The price of good medical treatment is on the rise. We reccomend you consider the advantages of comprehrensive cover for yourself, family or staff. We can arrange insurance for basic emergency treatment, expat outpatient and hospitalisation, as well as policies that include well-being programmes, vaccinations and elective cover. Ask us for a quick quote for further information.

For your reference, below are just some of the many benefits of our range of medical insurance policies.

Hospitalisation & Emergency

The core feature of most global health insurance is the advantage of getting immediate emergency medical treatment as and when it is required anywhere in the world. This might be for something as small as a few stiches, or something as serious as injuries from a car accident. The differences between most policies are the individual benefit limits. This cover can also provide for planned surgical procedures.

Major Medical

Usually provided as a option, selecting this coverage enhances the limitations of Basic Hospitilisation, ensuring you are able to be treated for more serious conditions or in your choice of hospital if treatment there is more costly.

Outpatient Treatment

Many clients choose to cover themselves against the costs of general GP consultations, specialists visits, standard tests and medicines. There is a large range of options available to suit all budgets with this option. Some options include Lifestyle Benefits and coverage for vaccinations.

Dental/Optical Options

The cost of good dental and optical treatment has risen dramatically recently. A good dental add-on to your health insurance is recommended. Coverage can include fillings, extractions, cleaning, scaling & polishing, dentures, spectacles, contact lensesand other related items. Ask us for a detailed list.

Maternity & Children

Planning to have childen soon? Maybe you're just a prudent planner? Either way, we have dealt with many mothers-to-be from all walks of life; professionals, single mothers, families and multiple births. We would be honoured to help you select the right addition to your policy to take care of your family when you most need it.

Group Medical

By applying for insurance as part of an organisation or club, insurers are sometimes able to provide better benefits and pricing. Features of this insurance can include many of the above benefits, as required. It is very popular with companies looking to provide health cover for their employees and assocations adding value for their Membership base.